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Citizens For Responsible Development is a grassroots group of St. Charles citizens who came together in opposition to a proposed development along the  Fox River at the site of the old police station. 

Since defeating that project in Dec 2022, we have a continued mission to engage the citizens in our local community to actively participate in the decision process toward responsible development along our riverfront.


CFRD believes the Fox River is the crown jewel of our city. Our core beliefs center on responsible development along the riverfront.

Ekwabet watching over the Fox River. Ekwabet means "watching over" . CFRD is taking his role seriously

 Our core beliefs are rooted in responsible development along the Fox River:

  •  all development projects in downtown St. Charles should be self-funded

  •  public land is not given away for free

  • that future developments enhance citizen interaction 

  • that future developments maintain the charm of the downtown area.

  • We also strive to ensure that developments maintain or enhance the quality of life in the nearby neighborhoods.

Citizens For Responsible Development Endorses David Pietryla for a second term as the 4th Ward City Council member." 

David was instrumental in defeating the Frontier Development Project at the old police station site. He has a record of voting for  thoughtful and responsible development and listens to his constituents. David supported and approved a pedestrian biking and walkabily study. He supports diverse businesses in downtown and throughout the city, along with keeping the historical charm of downtown. He voted against property tax increases. You can learn more about what David believes in and has accomplished at

CFRD Endorse candidates Jessica Bridges of the 1st Ward and Art Lemke of the 2nd ward

Both Art and Jessica support our core values to protect the historic  charm of our downtown. 


Come to the Next Planning and Development Meeting Nov. 14th 7pm
2 E. Main  St. 
City Hall

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