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Mayor Vitek, you wanted community feedback on development. Do you hear us???

Politicians at all levels should listen to their constituents – that’s a big part of their job. During her mayoral campaign just last year, Mayor Vitek pledged to listen to the residents of St. Charles, particularly on issues regarding development: “We need residents’ feedback and making them feel they are a part of the community.” (See Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2021, St. Charles mayoral candidates highlight issues concerning development, pandemic – Chicago Tribune). This was the basis of her push for “social equity” to “make sure all voices are heard.” Well here you go Mayor Vitek – the residents of St. Charles are practically yelling for the city to STOP the Frontier Development proposal on the east side riverfront. There are close to 1,000 signatures on petitions circulating aroun

d the city right now (with more signatures being added every day), and local businesses are lining up on opposition to the Frontier Development proposal. Why?? Because it is bad for our city – it is too big, too dense, too tall, too expensive, creates too much traffic, paves over our riverfront, and it does not at all fit in with the character of our town. So it’s time for Mayor Vitek to step up and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE who are saying SCRAP THE FRONTIER DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL. Support these voters and take the Frontier Development proposal out of consideration. Ask for new proposals that honor the riverfront and do not require the city to give away public land or give $20 million plus a free parking garage to the developer. The people voted for you once Mayor Vitek, but if you do not listen to them or live up to your campaign promises, I am guessing they will not vote for you again.

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