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On Friday October 28, 2022, Mayor Vitek announced that she is “revisiting the review process” for the riverfront police station site. She also said that the current concept plans will not be discussed at the November 14 Planning and Development Committee meeting. Mayor Lora Vitek Revisits Review Process for Former Police Station Site Redevelopment | News | City of St Charles, IL ( She obviously has heard and is responding to the overwhelming negative reaction and strong public comment in opposition to the Frontier Development proposal. However, we are disappointed that the mayor has not voiced her clear opposition to the Frontier Development proposal and removed that proposal from further consideration. TO BE CLEAR, THE MAYOR FAILS TO SAY WHETHER THE FRONTIER DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL WILL BE GIVEN FURTHER CONSIDERATION. We are convinced that the Frontier Development proposal is massively inappropriate for that site and would be terrible for our town; that the riverfront land, which belongs to the people of St. Charles, should not be given free of charge to Frontier Development; that the city should not help underwrite Frontier Development with $20 million in TIF funding; and that we should not pave over our remaining public riverfront land with an 85,000 square foot concrete slab. We are concerned that the mayor is simply pushing pause and will attempt to reintroduce the Frontier Development concept in the future...possibly after the April city election. We cannot let that happen. The people of St. Charles do not want that overblown building on our riverfront. If the mayor will not unequivocally take the Frontier Development proposal off the table, we will continue to do everything in our power to oppose it and make sure the mayor, city council and Frontier Development hear our voices. PLEASE CONTINUE TO LET THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL KNOW YOU ARE OPPOSED TO ANY VERSION OF THE FRONTIER DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL. AND WATCH THE PROCESS CLOSELY – NO ACTION SHOULD BE TAKEN UNTIL THE PEOPLE ARE HEARD ON THIS ISSUE

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